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  • About Dr. Castro
    About Dr. Castro

    Dr. Castro graduated in 2015 from Southern California University of Health Sciences. He has played an important role in a Mission Trip to Bolivia to offer Bolivian natives chiropractic care. Since then, he has treated local cyclists in Long Beach, CA. Dr. Castro later learned and specialized in Patient Management from his mentor. 

    In his free time, his hobbies are cycling and roasting coffee. Dr. Castro has a passion for riding his bicycle and a passion for finding and making coffee.

    Dr. Castro has an intense passion for helping others and will sometimes stay late to help patients in need of chiropractic treatment.

    His wife was in a car accident and he played an important role in her recovery. He has spoken to her medical providers and has tried to get her the appropriate medical care that she needs. One year later after the motor vehicle collision, Dr. Castro pushed to get additional imaging done which helped to identify a serious shoulder injury.  Her treatment remains ongoing and Dr. Castro continues to be an important medical provider which has helped in getting to the proper diagnosis for her recovery. Because of this personal experience, he has become aware that patients are sometimes misdiagnosed and he strives to give the best care to all of his patients that come through the doors.


    Mr. P. was visiting the U.S. for work. He has no family here but, knows a hand full of people that he's met repeatedly over the years.  Mr. P. does not speak English and does not know his way around town without google maps. Mr. P. was T-Boned and taken to the emergency room in Riverside, CA. Mr. P. was recommended a chiropractor in Bellflower, CA. who does not speak Spanish. Mr. P. was put through exercises that caused him more pain, and he later switched chiropractors. He found me on Google Maps. By asking many questions in Spanish ang gauging his responses, I noticed that he couldn't see out of the left eye and identified Positive Diagnostic Tests indicating possible muscle tears in his shoulder during his Initial Examination. I sent him to get MRI's and I sent him to see an optometrist. The Optometrist diagnosed him with Lateral Retinal Detachment due to blunt force trauma. The MRI identified 2 muscles that were torn completely (no wonder he felt pain during shoulder exercises).