Scoliosis occurs when the spine is abnormally curved. It can occur in those with other conditions such as muscular dystrophy, but generally, the cause of scoliosis in children is not known. Typically, scoliosis is mild, but it can get worse as the child grows. When the curvature is severe, it can have major implications on your health. It can cause breathing problems and prevent your lungs from functioning properly because it reduces the space in your chest. If you think you have scoliosis and live in the Norwalk, CA, area, you should visit Castro Chiropractic. 


What are Symptoms of Scoliosis?

There are some signs that may indicate that you or your child has scoliosis. These include uneven shoulders or waist. You may notice that one shoulder blade sticks out more than the other or that one hip is higher than the other. Another symptom could be one side of your rib cage pushing forward. You may also notice that one side of the back is more prominent when you bend forward. When someone has scoliosis, the spine twists, rotates, or curves from side to side. When this happens, the muscles or ribs stick out further on one side of the body than on the other side. There are some risk factors that make some people more likely to develop scoliosis. For example, girls and boys can develop mild scoliosis, but girls have a higher risk of the curvature getting worse and needing treatment. 

How Can Scoliosis Be Treated?

If the curvature is 50 degrees or more, those with scoliosis require surgery. However, there are treatment methods, such as seeing a chiropractor, that can help manage the symptoms or prevent them from getting worse. While a chiropractor cannot straighten the spine, they can help reduce the pain commonly felt with scoliosis. In addition, a chiropractor will provide flexion distraction and spinal adjustments, which helps to stretch the thin areas in the discs. These actions improve range of motion and flexibility while reducing some pain.

Why Choose Castro Chiropractic?

We at Castro Chiropractic are committed to helping you find ways to live a healthy and pain free life. Our team utilizes the latest methods of treatment to help reduce pain associated with scoliosis. Call us today at (562) 474-1314 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.